Private charter

Private Charter

Los Angeles or LA, Long Beach, Anaheim, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, San Diego

Coastal Helicopters specializes in the details. It isn’t about just getting you from point A to point B in a timely fashion, that is the easy part. We want the experience from the time you leave the door to the time you get to your destination to be filled with comfort, ease, and beauty. With comfortable leather seats, WiFi, Internet radio, and Bose noise canceling surround sound headphones the only thing that will indicate air travel are the incredible ever changing epic views floating through your perspective.  From a plane you are looking at google maps, from a helicopter you are watching life!  You have never seen your city like this. Coastal Charter makes the possibilities of your day or weekend endless.

Pilots information:
Coastal Helicopters pilots are the best in the industry. In accordance with the rules and regulations of the FAA every pilot passes strict background checks as well as maintains a commercial certificate with a first class medical to be on Coastal Helicopters 135 air carrier certificate.  Coastal Helicopters pilots that fly charter are also Ariel fire fighting pilots that are trained for the highest obtainable skill set to perform and succeed at the missions first the USFS

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