Power Line Construction

Power Line Construction

Coastal Helicopters is proud to announce its development of a power line construction division. We operate some of the most capable aircraft in the business, allowing the ability to carry external loads up to 9,000lbs.  In addition to the ability to carry Class A, B, or C loads, we will soon be approved to conduct Class B Human External Cargo (HEC) for more efficient execution of various jobs.  Our pilots are some of the most experienced, safest, and efficient in the industry. Our team has extensive experience in powerline industry.

Powerline Capabilities Include:

  • Support of dead-end crews

  • Lidar

  • IR Patrol

  • Platform Work

  • Vegetation Patrol

  • Gas line patrol

  • HEC Operations

  • Setting Poles

  • Setting Cage Tops

  • Tower Raises

  • Wire Raises

  • Mid-span Work

  • Marker ball & bird diverter installation

  • Wire pull(side pull & weighted pulls)

  • Transmission & distribution patrol

  • Energized work/hot work

  • Insulator changes (hot & de-energized)

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