About Us

Coastal Helicopters principals have over 25 combined years of aviation experience in delivering sound, safe aviation solutions. Whether you’re looking to get a private charter, customized ENG Aircraft program, aerial photography, or place an air conditioner on your rooftop, Coastal Helicopters can provide the expertise and equipment to get the job done.

Call us today to discuss all of your aviation needs at: 818.989.4800.

Coastal Helicopters provides first class helicopter flight services, such as:

  • Helicopter Charter
  • Helicopter share
  • Helicopter tour
  • Helicopter membership program
  • Helicopter Management
  • Aerial photography
  • Production
  • Advanced training
  • Aerial fire fighting
  • Construction (heavy lift jobs)

Charter that our clients do:

  • Fly to racetrack to watch a race or race your own vehicle
  • Fly to go see your horses and ride, or out to a horse show in Thermal
  • Fly to a concert and land closer than most people park
  • Fly to San Diego for a night out
  • Fly up to Santa Barbara for some rest and relaxation on the beach at baccarat, San Ysidro, or shopping downtown
  • Fly up to see the San Francisco Ballet have breakfast the next morning before heading home
  • Fly out to Vegas for incredible low price!
  • Fly out to Laguna Niguel for lunch at the Montage
  • Fly out to Golfing in Palm Springs
  • Fly to a red carpet event DTLA
  • Fly to your next business meeting