3 Amazing Facts to Know About a Private Helicopter Charter in Long Beach Before Takeoff

Tourists and native citizens of Long Beach are beginning to indulge in the absolute pleasure of traversing the city from above. Touring Long Beach’s beautiful skyline while seated comfortably in a private helicopter charter is an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to explore the fabulous worlds of Universal Studios Hollywood, fly over the Bluff Park or spend time aboard the historic Queen Mary, a private helicopter charter is the best transport option. With an hour’s flight, you can explore the major tourist attraction sites in the city. Here are some amazing facts you should know about a Private Helicopter Charter in Long Beach before you take off in one.

Private Helicopter Charters are More Flexible than Planes

Helicopters use both lift and thrust to move in ways that planes cannot. While most people think of helicopters as smaller planes, they have real aerial and directional differences from planes. For examples, helicopters have rotors that allow them to take off and land in a vertical motion. This is quite helpful in allowing helicopter charters to land and takeoff in architecturally crowded environments like Long Beach.

Helicopters are Slower than Airplanes

Since helicopters depend on rotor technology to take off, land or move in ways that are unique, they are fundamentally slower than airplanes. The speed of a helicopter is determined by the length of its rotor blades and the number of rotations they can make per minute. Thus, there is no way a helicopter charter can move at a speed that might frighten you. Taking a Private Helicopter Charter in Long Beach will be both exciting and leisurely.

Helicopter Charters are as Not as Noisy as you may Think

Private helicopter designers have long been working to redesign helicopters in order to reduce the amount of noise they emit. Great improvements have been made. Moreover, all passengers are given private headsets for in-flight communications with each other and the pilot.

If you are looking a fast, efficient and comfortable way to travel, book a helicopter charter in Long Beach today. Remember to choose the best private helicopter operator to get quality services at an affordable price.